The Leading Causes of Expired Domains

It is very easy to forget that ownership of the domain name you have worked so hard to build your brand around can be lost. You may wake up one day to find that it has expired and become available for anyone to grab. While it is technically possible to recover an expired domain, it may be a big challenge or even impossible due to factors such as incorrect account information or how far along into the expiration process the domain is. View Business Discount domains

Preventing your domain name from expiring is more convenient. Below are 6 leading causes of expired domains you will do well to avoid.

Many domain providers

If you have multiple domain providers and a ton of domain names, keeping tabs on them may prove challenging. You may lose track of one domain only to discover its expiration long after it has happened. You should consolidate all your domains into one or two providers. University programs social media

Disabled auto-renewal reminder

The easiest way to renew your domain name is to enable auto-renewal. You will not have to remember to manually renew your domain as it will automatically renew itself a day before the expiry date. The renewal process will run in the background without your input.

Outdated billing information

Even if auto-renewal is enabled, renewal of your domain will not happen if your billing information is outdated. This happens when your credit card has expired and you have not updated your billing information with the details of a working credit card.

Renewal reminders turned off

Often people opt out of receiving renewal reminder emails since they can be annoying. Annoying as they may be, they are actually important since they remind you to renew your domain lest it expire.

Renewal reminders go to spam

Depending on the mail client you are using, your renewal reminder emails could be going directly to your spam or junk folder.You may also miss the notices of failed auto-renewal attempts in the event of outdated billing information. Therefore, you need to make sure emails from your domain provider go to your inbox where you can see them in a timely fashion.

Email used in account information

If you have numerous email addresses, you are likely to forget one and if it happens to be the one associated with your domain name, results can be disastrous. For an organization, you have to make sure that the domain name is registered with the work email and not the email of a member of the organization. Key Features of a Reliable Domains Registrar

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