Key Features of a Reliable Domains Registrar

Domain Registrars are contractors who manage and assign domain names. They act as a go-between retail customers and Registries, which are companies that sell certain top-level domains (TLDs). This is because the Registrars only sell premium domains, which are quite pricey. There is a plethora of domain Registrars each offering different terms of agreement, pricing policy and modus operandi.

Since not all domain Registrars are built the same, it is important to find a reliable Registrar from whom you can buy domains. Domain registration may be the start of a wonderful journey or the beginning of a dreadful nightmare.

Key features of a reliable domains Registrar include the following:

Reliable and efficient customer service

As a customer, you may require support. Opt for a domains Registrar that provides reliable and efficient customer service. Support services should be prompt and available in more than one way from phone support to chats and emails.

Full domain control

Reliable domains Registrars never trick their clients into relinquishing full domain control. Details stated in WHOIS database are very important. Make sure to state your valid details in WHOIS and not the company’s. This is because the person listed as the domain registrant, administrative, billing and technical contact is the only one who can perform important domain-related operations like transfer and renewal.

ICANN- Accredited Registrar Company

ICANN is the internet oversight authority that regulates all internet processes and interactions. It delegates companies the Registries, which is the right to sell certain .TLDs. ACANN accreditation is proof of validity and reliability. It shows a Registrar’s commitment to providing the best services. Losing accreditation because of customer complaints is possible and no company wants to risk this. Accessing the full list of ICANN-accredited companies is easy. 

Convenient user interface and sufficient knowledge base

This makes all the difference between satisfaction and frustration. A convenient user interface means that you can easily find the log in area and support request area within the shortest time, the pricing list and explanations are accessible and clear, browsing through various website sections is simple for you and the knowledge base contains explanations and guides such as screenshots and video manuals.

You can also look at pricing, domain parking policy, quality of additional features and presence of both hosting and domain packages within the same company to determine the suitability of a domains Registrar. Should I choose a Windows or Linux Hosting Account?


Choose your domains Registrar depending on your priorities and needs. Explore the available domains and find the right Registrar that will provide you piece of mind and help your business grow and thrive.

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