Should I choose a Windows or Linux Hosting Account?

Choosing a web host can seem daunting especially when you are confronted with, a plethora of web hosts each offering a variety of web hosting packages. New webmasters especially find themselves torn between the choice of Windows hosting and Linux hosting. Most do not know the correct criteria for deciding between the two.

Your computer’s OS is irrelevant

First, it is important to clarify that your computer’s operating system is irrelevant when choosing a web host. Just because you are using Windows OS, does not mean that you need to get a windows hosting account and vice versa. Compatibility and ease of use should not be of concern since your computer and web host’s servers are entirely separate entities. You will only be accessing your website on your web host’s server using a web browser or a web editor. Learn about Hosting for Domains

Both Windows and Linux work for any PC and can power impressive websites. Each however, has its own advantages for users so choice of web hosting platform should be based on your website needs.The main difference between Windows and Linux hosting is that they use different script and database languages.

Windows hosting

 It is more convenient to use Windows hosting, if your website relies on Windows-specific packages or if you want to add Windows applications to your network. That is, if it has to directly execute .NET or Active Server Pages (ASP) code or directly access Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) or Microsoft Access databases.

Linux hosting

Linux is the choice hosting account for forums, blogs, content management systems and online stores. It is well suited for PHP, Perl or MySQL database. These can also work on windows but have to be first modified to accommodate the differences.


Another difference you should consider before making a choice is the price difference. Linux operating system is open source and since hosting service providers do not have to pay licensing fees to use it, their web hosting services are cheaper than Web hosting companies using Microsoft OS.

Being an open source platform gives Linux hosting other benefits, which include a larger choice for website development technology and a wealth of information about the platform since there are more people with skills for working with Linux among others.


Opinions on the stability, reliability, efficiency and security of either Windows or Linux hosting are relative. As such, your choice should be dependent on the vision you have for your website. The Leading Causes of Expired Domains

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