6 Tips to Train Yourself to be More Creative

The world is bustling with ideas, and trends are changing every day. While new ones quickly get absorbed, the old ones are discarded. Hence, it is important to reinvent everything you do to keep up with the world’s pace.

If you are into business, you have to invent new ways to market and sell your product/service. If you are an artist, creativity should be an inherent part of your life. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you have to learn tips for more creativity . Here’s how to be more creative:

1. Have the will

This is the most important tip to increase creativity. Unless you have a very strong will to achieve something, you will end up having a rather laidback attitude towards it. Consequently, your brain will respond proportionate to your will and the results will be mundane.

Whatever you do, find a strong will and motivation for it. This will get the right juices flowing and your brain will start finding innovative ways to learn how to be more creative.

2. Tap into your creativity

This means the way you clutch onto and act on the random ideas that pass your brain. Salvador Dali, the most celebrated surrealist painter, used to fall asleep with a spoon hanging from his hand and when the spoon fell from his hand, he used to wake up and  immediately draw the ideas that he came across in his semi-fertile sleep on a paper.

Carry around a small notepad and pen wherever you go and write down the random ideas that pass your mind. Of course, a notepad app in your phone will also do.

3. Be Active

Thinking can help you to increase creativity but for getting more innovative ideas, you have to be enterprising. Get out there and do some research. Find out what’s working for people.

Brainstorming with other people will fuel up your thinking and will lead you to innovative ideas. If there is a group in your city who do the things that you do, join it and ask them about their stories.

4. Be open to change

The substance of creativity comes from undiscovered corners. Do things you haven’t done before.

To learn tips for more creativity, you have to delve into your curiosity and explore the numerous possibilities.

Try stepping into someone else’s shoes and try to understand their perspective even if you don’t initially agree with them. This will help your brain widen its scope.

5. Find your inspiration

This is one of the pro tips for more creativity.Seclusion allows you to cut out from the world and reflect into the wilderness of your mind. It forces you to think and if you have a strong will, you will begin to think into the direction of your target.

Some people also get into a reflecting mood in the lap of nature- beaches, mountains or a simple garden. Find out which place pushes you into a serene, reflective mood and inspires your creativity.

6. Play games

This is a quaint but one of the most efficient tips for more creativity. Board games like Chess, Scrabble and puzzles or simply Rubik’s cube which require your brain to find innovative ways to reach a solution can train your brain to hit all the right chords.

Card games like Rummy, Spider, and Freecell can also give your brain a nice exercise. The good news is some of them can also be played alone on a computer/laptop so you do not have to wait for a company to get started.

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