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Raiders-Seahawks Monday Night Football Matchup

The guarding NFC Champion Seahawks should protect their home field assuming they need to recuperate from consecutive misfortunes. I never thought there would be any time this season that I would say the Raiders are returning off to-back successes, yet after a 0-3 beginning, Oakland enjoys brought benefit of two down-in their-karma groups the previous fourteen days with an opportunity to make the Seahawks the third such casualty around evening time.

Oakland doesn't have history on its side, notwithstanding. The Raiders haven't won three in succession since 2002-the year they won the AFC West and showed up. Seattle hasn't lost three in succession since 2004 and it has won eight straight against Oakland.

The Raiders, notwithstanding, finished a 11-game losing streak to Arizona back on October 22nd and they did it with guard. The Raiders offense is the most noticeably terrible in the association not scoring a hostile score in four of seven games. There is no doubt as far as I can say that the Ohio State Buckeyes could move the ball too if worse.

Aaron Brooks was gotten to be the guardian angel of the offense (God, I trust that wasn't their opinion), however his initial season injury has Andrew Walter, the second-year star from Arizona State, under focus. The child clearly is missing around five periods of involvement. I absolutely never see this present person's ability level surpassing that of an unremarkable back up. เว็บคาสิโนครบวงจร

Fortunately for the Raiders, they aren't confronting the very group that arrived at the Super Bowl last season around evening time. Last year's NFL driving rusher, Shaun Alexander, likely will not play again around evening time. The Seahawks are only 1-3 without Alexander in the arrangement this season.

O definitely, Matt Hasselbeck is likewise expected to miss two additional weeks.

The chances seem, by all accounts, to be stacked in support of Oakland, yet they should win around evening time out and about, where they have lost by twofold digits in every one of the three challenges this season.

Could the Raiders continue to flood with huge protective plays against an exhausted Seattle offense or will the Seahawks skip back solid at home after sequential losses? I have tracked down the triumphant point and will take care of business on the huge Monday Night football stage around evening time. In case you're hoping to place the hurt on your man one final time in the NFL this week, you'll have it under control with Jimmy Boyd's Monday Night Football Major.

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