Factors to Consider When Finding the Best Domain for Sale

Did you know there are about 1 billion registered domain names online? With such a humongous number of registered domains, you will have your work cut out for you when you are searching for a domain for sale. Things are made worse by the fact that the domain name you choose will have to be one that reflects your website’s core purpose. That being said, you will need to do your research before taking the buy cheap domains route. Also, your favourite domain name might be taken now, but it might join the list of expired domains in the future. These are things you should consider when looking for a domain name for your website. In addition to these things, you will also have to be keen on the following.


As already mentioned the number of registered domains online is 284 million. Therefore, there is bound to be a website with a domain similar to the one you want to buy for your site. Therefore, the number one thing to consider is the availability of a domain name. It ‘s hard to estimate the number of available domains online. A basic rule of thumb is that you should be very specific when choosing a domain name. This means that it would be wise to come up with a specific domain name instead of a generic name that is bound to be used by another website.

Domain extension

When registering your domain name with a domains registrar you will be required to select a domain extension URL such as .com, .net or .org. The most common of the three is the .com extension and thus should be your first option. However, if the .com is already taken, then you can try the .net or .org. Avoid other extensions and use them only if they are only options you have. When you buy the .com extension, scout for the .org and .net extensions and purchase them if they are available, then redirect them to your .com site. This is because there are bound to be people who confuse the extensions and put .net instead of .com.


It will be disadvantageous to lose your domain name. Thus, you should take all possible precautions to ensure your domain name does not become expired. Thus, it is important to make sure that you have auto-renewal. There are many businesses and individuals who lose their domains because of forgetting to renew their domains. Therefore, be sure to enable the auto renewal feature on your domain hosting package.


When you are looking for buy a domain name another important factor to consider will be the price. Ideally, domain names cost anywhere between $ 10 and $ 12 per year. However, some domain hosting companies charge upwards of $15 for premium domains. The latter are domains with unique extensions such as .tv or .info. Unless these are the extensions, you want to stick to discount domain names that are easy to find. Most hosting companies will offer a discount on the initial registration. Thus, it is wise to shop around before settling on one specific domain registrar.


In this age, high-tech cybercrimes confidentiality and protection of the information you upload online is important. The information you register a domain name with is made public. To ensure this information is not public it is wise to deal with a company that offers domain privacy services. Such companies block this sensitive information from being released, thus safeguarding your interests. So if privacy is important to you, you can pay an additional fee to have this information kept hidden from the general public.