Film Tools on My iPad and iPhone

Film Tools on My iPad and iPhone  

I am finding myself using more and more film tools on my iPad and iPhone these days. I am shooting more and with some of my new productions using the amazing HDSLR cameras. These offer amazing quality in addition to unique challenges and there are apps    Filmes Netflix    that make life easier. Here are a few:

Movie Slate
This has become a standard on every shoot whether straight up video shoot, multi-camera shoot or film style dual system HDSLR shoot. I simply love it.

Movie Slater is a clapperboard and shot log. Each shot is logged and tagged with all the detail you could ever want including FPS, camera, roll, and complete camera optics including ISO, shutter speed etc etc.

I started out using the iPhone version but it was a tad too small for me. When I got my iPad, Movie Slate was the first thing that went on it.

Two cool features are the ability to take notes while in the during or after a shot and also the ability to take an audio note. Back at the edit ranch you can quickly see your day laid out shot by shot, camera by camera, roll by roll. If your memory is anything like mine, you will appreciate this.

Movie Slate supports multiple projects so your log is always clean and easy to navigate and export. By following some basic workflows you can have a full log complete with notes, circled takes, shot names and more.

For multi cam projects you can sync multiple Movie Slates together. You cam also remote control one slate from another (control your iPad from you iPhone for example). This comes in handy on bigger sets and stages with multiple cameras in use.

Speaking of stages, there is a very cool iTunes sync feature. You can set playback ‘areas’ on a tune and Movie Slate will play back the area, update the takes, sync the time code and bingo… music video production heaven.

If you do your research you will find that a standard electronic slate runs about $1500 (and that’s without any logging features). Movie Slate weighs in at $19.95 and is so worth it. iPads run around $500. Tell your significant other you need to get an iPad to save yourself $1000.

Artemis is a modern day electronic Director’s Viewfinder. Being on my iPhone it adds some features that take it from a gimmick to a useful tool.

First, Artemis allows you to choose which camera you have and which set of lenses you will be using. When composing a shot (I use this as a pre-visualization tool) Artemis, using your iPhone camera, gives you a view from whichever lens you choose to use. Then, you can take and save the shot into your photo gallery and include notes including GPS coordinates!

Understand that for the first part of my camera career I was a run and gun documentary VIDEO guy with a ZOOM lens. Now that I am working with prime (non-zoom) lenses I find that this kind of tool really helps me figure out my lens choices ahead of time. If I have the luxury to get to the location ahead of the shoot date I can make some lens choices and then rent the set I need from

I have also used Artemis to collect images and put those into a storyboard.

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