Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia  

Though Sydney gets much credit for being the most lucrative and financially important city in Australia, Melbourne is a metropolitan masterpiece all its own. As the second most populous city in the mostly barren Australia, Melbourne has always stood in the shadow of Sydney and its immaculate Opera House but this   Mulching Melbourne    treasure trove in the state of Victoria is far from Sydney on the southern tip of Australia near Tasmania. This distance makes all the difference for the more than four million people who call Melbourne home and the vast variety of exciting sights the city has to offer will quickly make you forget about the rest of Australia.

A visit to the Melbourne of today will show you the technological prowess that has helped the city become a tour de force in the twenty-first century but few people know that the same land where Southbank and the Hoddle Grid sit was once the home of tribal hunter-gatherers over forty thousand years ago! It wasn’t until many, many millennia later, in the 1800s, that Melbourne became a semblance of the city it is today. Since that time, Melbourne has grown into a metropolis in much the same way that some of the biggest cities in America have. Melbourne didn’t skyrocket in growth until a gold rush came along in the 1850s, not unlike what happened in California. During that time, an unprecedented amount of white settlers came in and started claiming land for themselves in spite of the indigenous population that called the area home. In much the same way that English settlers wiped out the Native American population, English people destroyed the tribes around Melbourne in record time to make room for businesses.

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