Penis Care 101: Facts About Condoms

When a man is trying to maintain excellent penis care and keep his tool looking and feeling great, he has a small arsenal of things that help him do so. In addition to a good penis health crème and a dedicated cleanser meant for his sensitive skin, a man should also have a healthy 콘돔 collection of condoms to help ensure he never goes without one during a sexual encounter.

Condoms not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also against sexually transmitted infections that could wreak havoc on a man’s penis and his life in general. But there are many facts about condoms that men don’t know, and that can drastically decrease their effectiveness. Here’s what a guy must know about the rubber he uses for his penis during those intimate encounters.

1) Use a condom every time. This means every single time, not just when it feels as though a partner might be “risky.” The only exception to this rule is in a truly monogamous relationship where there is a deep trust, and both partners have been tested and found to have a clean bill of health.

2) Store them properly. Never carry a condom in the wallet, and don’t keep them in the car. The heat from the vehicle, as well as the pressure from the wallet and the body heat when wearing it close, can affect the quality of the material. Condoms should be carried only in the pocket for brief periods of time.

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