Customer Service Sales Training – 3 Simple Tools that Supersizes Your Pay Check

Customer Service Sales Training – 3 Simple Tools that Supersizes Your Pay Check


Customer service sales trainer:

Luis and Julia walked across the street to greet their new neighbors that just moved in a few days ago. Blake was an investment advisor and owned his own firm. He had done well for himself. That שירות לקוחות בוואטסאפ is why he and is wife Karen were able to move into Cottonwood, one of the highest priced neighborhoods in the entire city.

Blake and Karen invited Luis and his wife in for some lemonade by the pool.

Blake told Louis about his investment firm and the areas they specialized in. Then he asked Luis what kind of business he was in. Louis said, “I sell cars.” Blake said he had a few car dealers for clients and asked which dealership Louis owned. Louis said with a smile, “Oh no, I don’t own the dealership I work as a car salesmen there.”

Blake had a puzzled look on his face and thought, “How can a car salesman afford the price of a home in Cottonwood?”

Luis didn’t even sell a high end car like BMW or Mercedes. Luis sold Chevrolet’s.

So how could a car salesperson afford to live in such an upscale neighborhood?

No, he didn’t inherit the money Luis came from a very modest family background.

Luis has such a loyal following of customers he now works by appointment only and makes a strong six figure income as a result.

When Luis first got into car sales five and a half years ago his company enrolled him in a customer service training program. It was there Luis learned a powerful set of customer service sales tools. Luis was so impressed with selling focusing on making the customer happy he decided – world class customer service – would be his specialty.

What are three of the customer service sales training tools that makes Luis so successful?

Thank you cards to who! -Average salespeople send some of their sold customers thank you cards. Luis sends all of his sold customers thank you cards. But Luis also sends all of his “unsold customers” a thank you card too. He sends it out the same day they visited the dealership.

2 Types of 24 hour Follow-up phone calls – Average salespeople occasionally call some of their sold customers within a few days or weeks to see how they like their new purchase. Luis calls all his sold customers within 24 hours to see how they like their new car and to see if they have any questions or need anything. Luis also calls all his “unsold customers” within 24 hours to see if they have any questions and to tell them about additional information he found for them based on their earlier discussion.

Ongoing contact – Luis has a newsletter he sends by email to all his sold customers and his unsold customers. It take him less than and hour to create with a newsletter template and it goes out once every ninety days.

Other salespeople have asked Luis over the years why he bothers sending people who didn’t buy from him thank you cards, newsletters and phone calls.

Luis is pretty modest and just says, “It works for me.”

Luis has found when an unsold customer leaves and gets a hand written thank you note from Luis and a personal phone call Luis stand out from the competition. They notice they are getting a much different level of customer service from Luis. This has made many undecided customers return back and decide to buy from Luis.

Even if the customer buys the car at a competitor they still get a newsletter emailed to them from Luis ever ninety days. What happens is the customer usually never hears from the salesperson that sold them the car. Some customers have figured if Luis gives this type of customer service to people who do not buy from him what kind of service does he give to the people who buy from him.

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