Fragrances which are sure to sweep you off your feet

A major complaint of most people when it comes to perfumes is about the lasting capability of the fragrances. Even perfumes from the top brands, at times, fail to satisfy their customers. In this article, we have handpicked a few high-quality perfumes for both women and men, which would not only meet all kinds of fragrance and taste preferences but would also last long.

1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
Women who like subtle but fresh smells would love this oriental perfume which comes with the blend of orchid, rose, freesia, jasmine, bergamot, and green tea. This perfume has a patchouli and musk base with powdery notes which are bound to leave you hooked. It comes in a glass bottle which gives it a sophisticated look. You can get this superior product at a good price by using Noon coupon codes.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
This unique perfume is a special blend of vanilla and sweet coffee. This is the ideal perfume for ladies who want something different and bold. It falls on the stronger end of the spectrum, which allows it to last long even with minimal application. The bottle is available in six different sizes, among which two of them are travel sizes.

3. Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men
This is a sensual and elegant modern perfume which comes with a touch of the timeless classic. It is a spicy oriental perfume that has been developed from a mixture of refined spices and tobacco notes. It comes in a massive glass bottle with a brushed brown metal cap which complements its luxurious smell. Available in sizes of 30, 50, 100, and 150 ml, grab this amazing Eau De Parfum at a discounted price using Noon coupon codes.

4. Body Kouros
Yves Saint Laurent has yet again brought for men another spell-bounding Eau De Parfum which would complement your liberated ad frank masculinity. This is a modern and daring reinterpretation of the universe of KOUROS. This perfume is perfect for those who like to play on their very masculine, sensuous, and sexy image. The spiritual incense smoke of it contracts the freshness of the eucalyptus. The provocative harmony of Mace and Chinese Cedar gives way to Camphor and Benzoin Wood which envelopes the skin divinely.

Finding the perfect perfume which would be your signature fragrance might seem essential, but you don’t need to pick just one. You should dive into the world of fragrance and explore away. Always remember that perfume is an accessory which should elevate your mood and complete your look. But you can always try any of these perfumes mentioned above which undoubtedly would satisfy you.

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